Katedra Dydaktyki Przekładu


Apply for a traineeship in the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission

  • access_time 21 January 2021

Twice a year, the European Commission offers 5-month paid internships in EU Directorates, Institutions and agencies, which have signed a Service Level Agreement with DG EAC/the Commission. Subsequent career opportunities may vary between these different entities.

More information: https://ec.europa.eu/stages/home_en

Promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WoyhWTuzro&feature=youtu.be

Katedra Dydaktyki Przekładu jest członkiem międzynarodowego Konsorcjum do Badań nad Edukacją Tłumaczy (Consortium for Translation Education Research – CTER).

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