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Invitation to a lecture by Patrick Slowinski

  • access_time 1 January 2021

(Photo: Unsplash Licence)

Lecture title: Resilience during Challenging Times

Date: 20 January 2021 (Wednesday) from 2:15 pm to 3:45 pm

Place: MS Teams

Language of the lecture: English

Those interested in attending the lecture should use the following registration form:

https://forms.gle/9HbVA3o6gandrDxG8 (active until 19 January 2021).

Resilience is a term popular across many disciplines – psychology, medicine, education, and business,  just to name a few. The main question people ask regarding resilience is: “Why do some people suffer real hardships and not falter?”

To answer this question, Patrick Slowinski will make use of Harvard University research findings.

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Patrick Slowinski holds a doctoral degree in education from Brigham Young University and a post-doctoral degree from Kansas State University. He speaks fluent French, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian. He has been serving as the US Consul General in Kraków since August 2019.