Katedra Dydaktyki Przekładu


Cooperation with Argos Multilingual

  • access_time 15 October 2020

If you define a great partnership as one where the partners mutually benefit, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better example than our pairing with Argos Multilingual, one of the best Poland’s language services provider and a rising star globally.

At the end of 2019, Argos offered 10 of our students a paid internship within their linguistic quality and innovation (LIQUID) and desktop publishing (DTP) teams, with the most successful interns getting a chance to continue as freelancers afterwards (https://careers.argosmultilingual.com).

In addition, Argos agreed to lend us a helping hand by proofreading a series of short stories and poems translated by some of our students, an initiative that raised considerable goodwill and no doubt planted the seeds of a career in translation and localization in the minds of several of our students.

All told, our cooperation has proven to be so successful that we are aiming to expand it further as soon as possible. We greatly appreciate all that Argos has done for us when it comes to helping our students start their careers on the right foot.

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